Moeller Precision Tool's innovative True-Set Retainer products are the strongest, most accurate, affordable retainers available in the industry today.

Moeller Precision Tool's exclusive and innovative, true one piece construction retainer was developed using intensive market research and user input. True-Set® retainers are the only products manufactured from a through-hardened single piece of high quality alloy tool steel. The design eliminates stacking tolerance errors, allowing better punch positioning.  The integrated design provides an end to the aggravation of lost plugs, or the separation of welded backing plates. True-Set® retainers disperse the stamping force over the entire retainer surface, protecting die shoes.

The retainers are built to Automotive, NAPMA and NAAMS specifications and are completely interchangeable with all competing brands. The universal design, with in-line dowel and no-charge ground in position offset dowel, facilitates easy CAD-CAM design and assembly.


Economy True-Set® Round Retainers

Built with the same exacting precision as all our True Set Products this series of retainers are designed to save the customer time and money when building dies containing ball-lock punches.

The design is for round heavy duty ball-lock applications and is more affordable because it is 30% less expensive when purchased and reduces the cost of installation. The user has to only drill two holes versus three or four holes on standard retainers. The unit is built to the same exact specifications as its previous design, except the single cap screw size is enlarged to provide similar or even increased holding force.

The new product also features a new positive spring retention screw which is more user friendly and the spring pressure was increased to provide a stronger punch lock.





This innovative retainer is available exclusively thru Moeller Precision Tool, the industries most respected name in punch retainer products.

Quality is maintained by using the latest technology, manufacturing and inspection equipment, including statistical process control (S.P.C.). Simplification of design and high tech equipment, combined with the “Kaizen” approach to lean manufacturing, provides the economics to allow Moeller Precision Tool to make these products available at current or below current market prices.