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The True-Strip is a precision-machined, self-contained, die spring activated device that is compact and fits directly onto industrial standard retainers.

The basic design features what we call a flanged steel “can” that is precision machined and burnished from pre-hardened steel which is black-oxided for corrosion resistance. A bronze stripper plunger is inserted through a precision hole in the front part of the can. The plunger has an I.D. that matches the hole piercing punch with clearance and provides the stripping action. The plungers are available in standard lengths for flat piercing operations and an extended length version that allows for stripper contouring. A significant design feature is the fact that the stripper is guided not only by the land of the steel can, but also by the head on the stripper. This feature creates a dual guiding condition. Behind the plunger is a steel mechanical die spring, which provides the stripping force. The spring is pre-loaded 5% and retained by a threaded retaining cap that screws in and bottoms out in its mating pocket to compress the spring to its pre-loaded state. The retaining cap accurately locates the entire assembly and allows disassembly with a simple hex wrench. True-Strip can be mounted up to a 15-degree angle for mechanical cam applications, resulting in a 30% improvement over other devices.

True-Strip is currently available in seven inch and metric, heavy duty ball-lock shank diameters. CAD data and solid models are available above. Custom designs available upon request, including multi-hole, light-duty and shoulder type punch configurations.